Events at Parva Farm

Parva Farm keeps sheep (mostly Welsh cross ewes and Charollais rams) and has a small herd of pedigree Hereford cattle. There are also two sheep dogs.

Welsh Wine Week

Friday 24th May until Sunday 2nd June.

Vineyards around Wales celebrate Welsh Wine Week. We will be open each day that week from 12pm-5pm, although we are closed on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Plant and shrubs sales

We also sell home-grown garden plants and shrubs and there is a half price plant sale in the autumn.

Christmas Trees

We sell Christmas trees in December!

Opening hours

Visit our farm! The opening hours for our shop are:

Mon:1pm - 4pm
Thu:1pm - 4pm
Fri:1pm - 4pm
Sat:1pm - 4pm
Sun:1pm - 4pm

Visits outside opening hours can be arranged by contacting us beforehand.

Click here for information on how to find us.

About Parva Farm