Our Wines

Recent history of Parva Farm wine production

Initially only a medium-dry white was produced (first harvest made 56 bottles!). In 1999 a sparkling wine was made ready for the Millenium celebrations. In 2001 a red Pinot Noir was produced but due to its lightness it was decided to do rose in future.

In 2001 a spicy Welsh mead was added to the list. This was made with Seyval Blanc wine, local honey and spices.

More variety of whites were gradually introduced. In 2005 a sparkling rose (pinot noir) was made to be ready to celebrate Colin & Judith’s 10th wedding anniversary and 10 years at Parva Farm in 2007.

A summer fruit wine was made in 2006 for those who like a dessert wine this again is Seyval Blanc but with a mixture of summer fruits as well.

Recent vintages

As well as wine, Colin & Judith have turned their hand to cider making and have produced bottles of "Tintern Parva Siedr". This has been made with apples from the farm and also from the Nurtons (next door) organic orchard. It was barrel fermented in an old wine barrel and is light & dry & very drinkable!

The full range at present is

Tintern Parva Bacchanalia ‘18  Dry white  Welsh Quality wine
Tintern Parva Bryn Heulog ‘17  Dry white  Welsh Regional wine
Tintern Parva Ty Coch ‘17  Light, dry red  Welsh Quality wine
Tintern Parva Afon Gwy ‘15  Medium white  Welsh Regional wine
Tintern Parva Bwthyn Rhosyn ‘18  Rose  Welsh Regional wine
Tintern Parva Dathliad rose sparkling '13  Brut  Quality sparkling wine
Tintern Parva Dathliad sparkling ‘15  Brut  Quality sparkling wine
Tintern Parva Spicy welsh mead  Sweet   
Tintern Parva Autumn Gold  Sweet  Sweet Bacchus wine
Tintern Parva Elderflower & Apple  Sweet   
Tintern Parva Summer Fruits Wine  Sweet   

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